Golf Lessons

Royal Oak’s C.P.G.A. Head professional is BILL WAKEHAM.

Bill was born in Victoria and learned his golf at Uplands and Gorge Vale Golf Club.

He won the B.C. Junior and Canadian Jr. at age 16. After winning the B.C. Amateur twice, Bill turned professional in 1964. He went on the Canadian tour where he won the Ontario Open, 2 B.C. Opens, Washington State and Northwest Opens. He played the U.S. Tour in 1969. Bill joined the staff at Royal Oak in 1999.

Golf Lessons (one student)

1 student 1/2 hour lesson-$45
3 1/2 lessons-$135
2 Students 1 1/2 hour lesson – $40 pp
3 lessons $100 pp


Lesson One (putting and chipping)

Grip, stance, posture, ball position, distance and direction

Lesson Two (pitching)

Alignment, grip, ball position, distance control, posture, what creates a great shot

Lesson Three (irons)

Full swing (different clubs for different distances

Lesson Four (woods)

All major fundamentals

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